Professional Markeing

Our marketing strategy stands out from all others in the short-term rental market! Each of our listings features high-quality images with high resolution 4K walk-through videos, and greeting videos that are filmed and edited by professionals to welcome our guests.

Professional Videos

At Memories Vacation Home Managemnt, we believe that high-quality videos are the future of the short-term rental industry, and we are among the first management companies to incorporate them into our marketing strategy. We produce personalized welcome videos for our guests, which they receive immediately after booking with us. These videos include a personalized message that showcases the distinctive features of your home. Our guests find these videos useful as they provide a glimpse of what to expect upon arrival, and it helps getting us closer to receive a 5-star review even before the guests check in.


Depending on the size of the home, we will utilize 24 to 50 high-quality pictures. Our offerings also include images of your community's amenities, aerial shots taken by drone, and close-up shots.

Licensing: Our marketing materials include perpetual-use license which limits your liability and allows us to market your property online with confidence. The turnaround is 48 hours or less which allows us to start booking your home only couple of days after signing the management agreement!

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