We offer two clear and straightforward pricing options.
The first option is tied to the revenue of the property, where we receive payment based on our performance. The second option provides a guarantee of a fixed monthly income, which reduces risk and offers consistent monthly returns.

Performance-based income

We fully manage your property, for a low 20% commission fee.

  • Make more money
    The more money your property makes, the more money you pocket!
  • Use your home as much as you want
    Enjoy your home any time it’s available.
  • Same incentive
    Everyone benefits when your rental home earns maximum revenue!

100% Guaranteed income

We fully manage your property, and you collect the same income every month.

  • No extra fees
    We take care of expenses like utilities, light maintenance or home essentials!
  • Long-Term Stability
    Always bring in revenue no matter what happens.
  • Revenue Without the Risk
    You’ll receive your guaranteed rental income each month, regardless of occupancy!

"This company is based on Trust, Transparency and Profitability for our owners. We never impose markups, hidden fees, or unnecessary charges. The profitability of our clients' investment properties is always our top priority."

Alberto Nikodimov

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