Transparency & Clarity Investment

Monitoring your investments is important for good returns. A comprehensive reporting tool gives you all the financial information in one place, easily accessible. This helps you make informed decisions, manage assets effectively and identify any issues early to mitigate risks. Regular monitoring helps track progress towards investment goals and maximize returns.

Financial Services

Monthly Statements

Our monthly statements are dispatched by the 10th day of each month, and provide an overview of your reservation and rental revenue, a detailed account of our commission, and a report of all expenses paid on your behalf. The remaining balance is promptly deposited directly into your US-based bank account.

Tax Documents

We are here to assist you in preparing for tax season, whether you opt to use our network of certified public accountants or choose to work with your own. In January of each year, you will receive the following tax documents: 1099 (for US owners) or 1042-S (for non-US owners), along with a year-end statement summarizing your income and eligible expenses.

Accounts Payable

We handle all billing and payments, ensuring timely remittance. You can rest assured that there are no additional charges, as we pay only the amount that is indicated. We manage the following payments: Sales and use tax, tourist development tax, licenses and permits, and payments to all other vendors.

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